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What are the differences between Digital and Offset printing?

Digital Technology continues to advance quickly. Just consider the computer systems we used a few years ago compared to today. The same is true for the printing industry. The growth of the digital printing technologies has provided numerous advancements and options to the printing industry. But what does this mean for you?

Let's take a quick look at the difference between conventional offset and digital printing. Then, let's list some of the advantages of each...

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What should I put in my brochure?

If you are planning to use the brochure to contact new potential customers, then think of your particular marketing and sales processes. You may want to introduce your company, who you are, what you do, what you make, or provide more details on your products and/or services. It is important to know in which phase of sales cycle the brochure will be used in order to know what sort of information you should include in your brochure...

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What is good about postcards?

Postcards work because they deliver short concise messages in an effective manner. Putting together a marketing campaign? Use postcards. Want your phone to ring? Use postcards. It works... Postcard mailings are a good way to increase customer loyalty or create brand awareness or provide information about products and services. Postcards can generate phone calls. A direct mail campaign with a series of mailings helps to generate interest in your products and services. ...

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How can VDP help?

What is VDP? Variable Data Printing. How can VDP help convey your marketing message? Personalization. If you are using a direct mail campaign, you can increase your results using personalization. Or, maybe you would like to personalize invitations for an upcoming event. Both are possible using VDP... Every printed piece can be personalized, and directed to the specific individual. Research has shown the response rates are significantly higher when VDP is used. For example, the open rate for mail is higher when a specific person's name and address is on the envelope. ...

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