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At Moonlight Imaging there are three words rarely uttered, “stop the press”, because our impeccable prepress workflow is probably our greatest asset and yet the most often overlooked talent. Our process is so transparent and flawless; the results are hidden in the final product.

We are a cross platform agency with PC and MAC capabilities. Our prepress department handles complex prepress tasks that include: digitizing files, color correcting, font management, pagination and scan resolutions. All of these or any of them can complicate a final printed piece – our files are preflighted with precision. This detail oriented workflow continues to bring great value to our customers. Click here to contact us.

Our talented staff has mastered the art of retouching since the inception of desktop publishing in the late 1980’s. Working on national brand campaigns and high end art reproduction, our retouching services are award winning. This experience makes digital retouching one of our premiere services.

Photo Restoration
In addition to our retouching services, Moonlight Imaging also works diligently on photo restoration. Our restoration work has benefited museums, historical societies and genealogy clubs. We can repair severely damaged photos and documents that are weather faded, torn or water damaged. Or, maybe you simply need photo retouching. From mild to severe, we have the photo restoration capability to restore your
priceless photos.

Digital Photography
Using our fourteen mega pixel KODAK DCS camera, we offer high quality digital photography to suit your advertising and commercial needs. Digital technology is now the industry standard and has several obvious advantages over film. You save money on processing and scanning. And you get instant results. We can view shots as we go along. Digital photography lets us see immediately which photos work best for you. Our policy is to archive the images and provide you with a high resolution CD for all your business communication needs.