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Getting multiple investigator or patient kits to global and domestic destinations on time and in perfect condition is our strong suit. We deliver study protocol, patient recruiting and retention materials all over the world. We understand clinical material global distribution and clinical trial material fulfillment and that you need a company that is experienced in customs and global site delivery. Delivering the right material, on time, is perhaps the most important component of your Clinical Trial program.

At Moonlight Imaging in addition to our clinical material global site distribution services, our Clinical Trial capabilities include pick and pack fulfillment services. We eliminate the need for third party fulfillment with our single-source clinical trials pick and pack service. Our well-managed, climate controlled storage facility permits us to provide fast custom kitting on-demand. We specialize in pre-inventoried kits for fast, efficient pick and pack fulfillment for all your patient recruitment, patient retention and clinical trials marketing needs. Our in-house fulfillment service allows Moonlight Imaging to become your one stop resource for Clinical Trial design, printing and shipping services. Clinical trial material fulfillment is one more part of the full range of clinical trial management
services we provide.

Our other fulfillment services include:

  • Custom Site Kit Fulfillment
  • Quality Controlled Fulfillment
  • Controlled Storage Services
  • Global and Domestic Site Distribution
  • Commercial Invoicing
  • Shipping Notifications

At Moonlight Imaging all of these services are integrated with our Client Portal System where clients can access trial related files 24/7. With functions that include tracking status, placing orders and editing files. Materials managers can stay connected to their studies with real-time access to their Clinical Trial.

As the second largest International shipper in Sussex County, we understand the details of international customs and the demands of global distribution. We recognize potential customs delays and more importantly, we know how to avoid them. It is our goal to oversee your study materials until they arrive at the desired destination.

Our shipping services include:

  • Detailed Automatic Shipping Notifications
  • Automatic Tracking Notifications
  • Commercial and Pro Forma Invoicing
  • International Shipping Documentation