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Moonlight Imaging provides easy access to all your clinical documents through our Client Portal System. Clinical trail material management has never been easier. Clinical trial books, clinical trial protocols, patient recruitment material and small study appointment cards, can all be reviewed and managed through our secure portal. Our system allows you to track design files, control versions, order print, request custom kits and track global and domestic site shipments. This online materials management system provides our clients access 24-7. This also provides a secure way to view and control file version, edit and review materials as well as provide an efficient management tool for all your trial managers. Moonlight Imaging is highly proficient at managing and producing the full range of Clinical Trial Documents needed to conduct studies. Our estimates are given in a timely manner and budgets are closely monitored.

File Production Services

  • File Version Control
  • Design Services
  • Customer Portal
  • Version History
  • Managed Access
  • Managed File Libraries
  • Archiving

Material Management

  • Inventory Management
  • Confidentiality
  • Controlled Access
  • Warehousing
  • Fulfillment

Some materials that we provide to support Clinical Trials include:

  • Protocol Books
  • Investigator Notebooks
  • Appointment Cards
  • Study Subject Cards
  • Time and Event Schedules
  • Patient Fact Sheets
  • Patient Recruitment Flyers
  • Recruitment Letters
  • CDs with Study Materials
  • Subject Recruitment Posters
  • Physician Referral Letter
  • Patient Recruitment Brochure
  • Medication Reminder Postcards
  • Site Study Newsletters
  • Laminated Handouts